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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Davidoff No 2 Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Shape: Panatela
Size : 6"
Ring : 38

First off, I have to put it out there: I love mild cigars...there I said it. Now, onto the review...

I picked these little guys up about a month ago and I've gone through 3 of them already. I've heard good things about this particular cigar circulating around the 'small ring gauge' aficionado groups (if that's not a jab at your manhood!). Since I love small ring gauge cigars I decided to pick up a box.

Appearance: [5 leafs]

This cigar has the trademark milk chocolate look and feel that makes up the essence of Davidoff Cigars. The only way you're going to find a more chocolaty wrapper is if Willy Wonka decides to start rolling. The wrapper has few if any large veins, if cigars were made of wood this baby would have been sanded down with 250 grit sand paper. The Davidoff No. 2 is firm but not too firm which I've found to be a problem with lancero type sticks. Lastly, I want to point out that the end if capped pigtail style.

Construction: [4 leafs]

This being the fourth stick I've smoked out of the box of 5 I recieved, only one had draw problems. The burn on the Davidoff No 2 was new perfect, one cigar I even lit as I was walking with 30mph+ winds and mucked the initial light. I decided for the sake of the review that I would see where my shoddy light-up would take me. It took a few minutes and some coercing but the No. 2 pulled ahead and evened itself out. Something to note, this cigar's lifespan is short, something around 30 minutes I think I averaged.

Taste: [5 leafs]

Since I've tried this cigar, I can't seem to get enough of it! It is mild I'll give it that, so if you're not into mild cigars then notch that rating down to a 2 leafer. Smelling the wrapper of this cigar you can definitely catch a strong sweet smell, chocolaty even. The initial third of the cigar is very mild. Hints of cocoa and nuts are strong here. The second third is where the cigar started to find it's calling. By now the cigar's juices are flowing and the wrapper, binder, filler are meshing quite well. I can still taste the nuts and cocoa but now a hint of roasted coffee is shining through. The cigar kept this pace almost to the nub. If I had to sum the taste of the No 2 up in one word it would "smooth" and "rich"...ok that was two words.

Value: [3 leafs]

This is probably the No. 2's only weak spot.If you follow the motto of "smoke less, smoke better" then this cigar is right up your alley...too bad for me I haven't realized that the "wise man" never said "smoke more, smoke better".

Overall: [4.5 leafs]

Overall this is one of my current favorites. During this last week of reviewing it got so bad that I stopped viewing the No. 2 as a cigar and started seeing it as a "snack". I remember sitting in a meeting thinking, "man...I can't wait to grab a No. 2 and a cup of coffee". So if you're anything like me, gather your "important phone call, I gotta take this" excuses because once you get ahold of this beauty you'll find yourself looking for reasons to escape for 30 minutes at a time!

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